More Than What You’re Selling

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A lot of people talk about adding value when it comes to sales. There is a funnel strategy people use where they don’t just sell the “thing”. They sell the things that people need once they have the “thing” when they buy the “thing”. It’s the bundle sale. It’s an up sell within a sale and it’s brilliant. People have made millions of dollars doing that.

Then there is the bonus stack strategy so many marketers are using online. The bonuses are so good, sometimes people buy the deal for the bonuses more than the online course, product, or service that is being sold. A lot of joint venture (JV) partners offer huge bonuses so you’ll buy the offer from them instead of someone else, like the person whose offer they are selling. And it works.

For the rest of us, what to do? My favorite strategy these days is the “more than what you’re selling” conversation. Yes, people are looking for products and services. Yes, they are going to buy from someone when they have decided what they want to get. Yes, they have already looked online and have talked to other companies offering what you do. So what sets you apart?

Stats and data are great. Lowering your price is a race to the bottom which is why people use the first strategy mentioned above. What really makes the difference is whether or not you “get” what they want to do. In addition to that, you have to ask yourself how invested are you willing to be in their success? And your question to me is, “What do you mean?”

I’ll give you a for instance. I was talking to a company about Facebook ads for a webinar they are going to be running online because their normal face to face events are not happening now with the shut downs. Facebook ads are set up for a certain goal and that is pretty straight forward. What is not always straight forward for a prospective client is what those ads are going to produce.

That takes a little investigative work. My questions started with the webinar they were running. How was it set up? Had they done these before? Did they have a format for the presentation? Are the webinars going to be live or evergreen? I explained what evergreen meant. I basically walked them through a kind of check list to find out if the webinar they were doing could convert.

You can drive traffic to any page you want with ads. The only way someone is going to make money from that traffic is how well the landing page and sales process is set up when the traffic gets there. Because I spent quite a bit of extra time giving them some pointers on webinars and sent them a format that converts, they decided to work with me. And here’s the rub.

If I don’t make certain that they are set up to succeed when traffic is brought to their webinar so they are going to get sales, they wont keep doing those webinars if they aren’t profitable. If the webinars don’t work they won’t need ads anymore and I failed the client. I want to do everything I can to make sure the client is set up to succeed with whatever product or service I’m selling.

I do the same for people who decide to buy from someone else. When my attitude about helping someone is about being invested in their success and I’m willing to give my time and expertise whether they buy from me or not, I’m doing my best work. When their success is the most important part of the sale for me, more business is given to me.

It is so important to really go beyond what you’re selling to be successful selling. Taking the time to really find out if what they’re asking you to show them is going to work well for them is going to get you talking to them about the right product and the right strategy. People don’t always know what they need and they don’t know what they don’t know. I’m here to help them find out.

Until next time…Find out more about your customer and what they need before you sell them anything. You’ll do better that way.



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LAC Birds, Sales and Marketing Consultant and Coach.

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Laura Ann Cohn

Laura Ann Cohn

LAC Birds, Sales and Marketing Consultant and Coach.

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